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February 12, 2009

Against All Odds

Here's a truly heartwarming video about a young man with autism who accomplished something quite astonishing.


  1. I'm teary eyed. I have a son with autism. I believe he'll get there.

  2. My husband says "I bet that coach is kicking himself" for not suiting this boy up much, much earlier.

    Can you believe there are groups like "Autism Speaks" that are trying to eliminate people like Jason?

  3. Christina, "Autism Speaks" is not an organization I like very much. There is too much emphasis on curing autism like it's a disease. This might sound strange but I am thankful for my sons autism, It has made me a better parent, and it he is very gifted in numbers, and reading comprehension. He has social issues. I am thankful for the early intervention that is now available. My son is in mainstream classroom with special ed assistance when needed. He doesn't need a cure, and most adults with autism resent the idea that they need a cure. Sorry for the rant, I'm just passionate on this issue.

  4. I'm very sad that the media continues to show people like Jason as the face of autism. I work in special ed and know that autism can and often is much worse.

  5. this has to be made into a movie - so awesome!

  6. I agree, Stephanie, it would be an awesome movie. What a wonderful young man. I had tears in my eyes. Thank you, for posting this beautiful, heart-warming video. I feel so sad for parents with Autistic children not so advanced. God, fill them with Your love and peace. June.